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This institution is one of the oldest colleges of the Punjab Province (Pakistan), established on 30th, March 1917, as "GURU NANAK KHALSA COLLEGE". Its original building was constructed by the Guru Nanak Khalsa Educational Trust in 1917.
After partition Anjuman-e-Islamia Gujranwala took possession of this college on 25-11-1947 and the institution was renamed as Islamia College, Gujranwala.
On 01-09-1972 this College was Nationalized and named as Government Islamia College, Gujranwala. This prestigious institution was upgraded to post graduate level in 1990 when M.A. Urdu and M.A. Political Science classes were started.
M.Sc Chemistry department was established in 2005 in a separate block. M.Sc Zoology program was lunched in 2012 in a separate state of the art design block. M.A. Islamiat, M.A. English, M.A. Economics & B.Com disciplines have been working successfully since 2012.
Our mission is to provide a sound intellectual and scholastic foundation for the ideological, moral, social, economical and technological development of Pakistan's new generation according to the teachings of the Islam.


Principal's Message
In nature "Nothing is constant but change".
The one that brings positive changes in humans is learning.
Learning is a change in behaviour on the basis of past experience. If you have positively changed yourself, you have learnt, otherwise you have learnt nothing. So be in accordance with the nature and go on changing yourself by continuous learning.

                                                                                       Prof. Pervaiz Akhtar.

Govt. Islamia College is a well known Institute, established in 1917, occupies spacious campus in the heart of Gujranwala, Pakistan. There is a high ratio of staff to students and all activities...

Our whole teaching staff is very dedicated, devoted and hard working. The newly appointed Principal, is also very keen about the academic well-being of the students.